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    about me


    i’m a part-time entrepreneur actively working to gain more freedom to do as i please. i like structure, but love flexibility.

    i work a 9 to 5 as well as a 5 to 12. truthfully, i’m using both of those ranges loosely. the “9 to 5” is more like 7:15 to 4:30 and the “5 to 12” is more like 8:00p to 11:00p. weekends included.

    days consist of managing Google and Bing ad campaigns. nights also consist of ppc, but more importantly hacking away at various side projects such as my seo agency for cannabis companies.

    i tend to wake up at 7:30a on weekends and almost always make pour over coffee right away. i’m no pro at it, nor do i know much about it, but it’s something i started making recently and have really enjoyed it.

    fun facts:
    i’m hardly ever able to reference movies, or more accurately put, ever able to understand your movie reference.

    i don’t eat gluten because i have celiac.

    i don’t know what else to put here.

    if you want to see what i’m doing now, go here.

    if you want, shoot me an email and we can talk more.